Proposition 8 Upheld In California

I’m dissappointed to say the least that the California Supreme Court upheld proposition 8 in California today. But it isn’t quite the victory that the Conservative and Religious right think it is. Reading through the decision comments it becomes apparent that the Justices were not repealing a gay couples rights as a married couple in California, but simply the ability to call their union a marriage.

I have to tell you, that if that were the case federally, I wouldn’t care what they called my union with my partner. Give me the same rights and protections under the law (including the tax laws), and you can have your claim to the term marriage. I’ll take Civil Union, Domestic Partnership, whatever. It’s the rights that are conveyed by the union, not what it’s called. That clearly was protected by the Justices comments.

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Tired Old Arguments

I was cruising around the internet today, reading my favorite blogs, and then heading over to facebook to catch up with friends. I clicked on the twitter application link there and was browsing through topics on their page, and found this one below. I was in a pretty good mood today. I had spent a great weekend at home with my partner, celebrated Mother’s day with my Mom, gone fishing and actually caught fish! Then, I read this thread on twitter. Not is such a good mood anymore. Disgusted actually. You’ll just have to read it for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. Post after post after post of hatefull, prejudiced, angry statements back and forth between “Christians”, and “Homosexuals”. The same usual arguments, that start out sounding caring and disintegrate into inflamed and agitated statements when no one agrees with anyone else. Christians and Homosexuals…….Man, you’re really screwed if you happen to be both.

Here’s the link to the twitter discussion on facebook.

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